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At Hopper Dental, we know that many of our patients have fear surrounding their visits to our office. Whether due to a negative experience at another practice or simply misconceptions about dental care, fear of the dentist can discourage patients from properly caring for their smiles.


Sedation dentistry is just one of the many services we provide in an attempt to make visits to the dentist an enjoyable and relaxing experience for each of our patients. This service can be highly beneficial for many individuals. However, it is especially helpful for patients who suffer from extreme anxiety or those who have trouble sitting still for extended periods of time due to physical injury or other complications.

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Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

There are many benefits to sedation dentistry. Here are just a few of the ways this service impacts our patients of all ages.

Relieves Anxiety

Sedation dentistry is most commonly used to relieve anxiety surrounding dentistry services. Ranging from mild to severe, anxiety before a necessary dental procedure can cause extreme emotional distress. But it can also have physical manifestations! Using sedation dentistry to relieve anxiety surrounding a procedure allows our patients to eliminate many of the negative reactions they may otherwise experience.

Allows Us to Work Quickly

At no fault of their own, patients who have fears and anxiety surrounding their dental procedure often cause the procedure to take longer. This is especially true in a procedure that requires great amounts of precision and concentration.


Sedation dentistry will reduce the amount of time you spend in the chair by allowing us to work efficiently. This is beneficial if you have trouble sitting still for an extended period of time, or if anxiety causes you to squirm.

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Jenks Sedation Dentistry at Hopper Dental

Sedation dentistry requires a high level of expertise and training. At Hopper Dental, we continue to educate ourselves on the safest, most effective ways to provide this service to our patients. While in our care, you will be under the supervision of a trained professional. We will monitor both your comfort and safety throughout the duration of your treatment.


It is important to note that the effects of sedation dentistry will likely remain for the remainder of your day. Because of this, it is important to clear your schedule following your appointment. We also ask that a friend or loved one accompanies you to your appointment. You will be unable to drive following your procedure and will need to plan for transportation.

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No matter the scope of your dental needs, it is important to make oral health a priority! Sedation dentistry is a lifesaver for individuals who otherwise struggle to receive the dental care they so desperately need. 


Dr. Amelia Hopper is an expert in sedation dentistry. By investing in sedation dentistry treatment, you are investing in the future health of your teeth, gums, and the surrounding tissue.


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