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Tooth Replacement

A missing or severely damaged tooth can quickly become both embarrassing and uncomfortable. While we believe that a healthy smile is more important than a perfect smile, we are confident we can provide you with both! At Hopper Dental, we offer several options for tooth replacement designed to accommodate your unique needs and preferences. 

Replacing a Missing Tooth

Sometimes, it is important to replace a missing tooth to eliminate the potential for gum disease or decay of other teeth. In other cases, you may wish to replace a tooth for cosmetic reasons. Whatever the case, we look forward to helping you achieve a smile that you are proud of.

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Jenks Dental Crowns & Bridges

Dental crowns and bridges are the most common method of replacing a missing or damaged tooth. Used in a variety of circumstances, crowns or bridges are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.


While many of our patients are initially intimidated by the procedure required for a dental crown or bridge, our team ensures that your experience is comfortable and catered to your needs. Dr. Hopper’s attention to the smallest details makes a large impact when it comes to replacing a tooth that is missing or damaged. 


A dental crown is an artificial cap that is placed over the portion of an existing tooth. This is an excellent way to repair teeth that have slight damage but are still structurally sound. Dental bridges can replace a missing tooth. By attaching a dental bridge to the teeth surrounding the gap, you achieve a flawless smile while adding structural integrity.


At Hopper Dental, we used advanced dental technology that allows us to create an artificial tooth that mirrors your natural teeth. Because of this, your replacement tooth will be impossible to distinguish.

Why Is It Important to Replace Damaged Teeth?

If your missing or damaged tooth is towards the back of your mouth, you may not believe that replacing the tooth is worthwhile. However, we believe that each tooth plays a crucial role in your overall oral health.


By replacing a tooth that is missing, you protect the surrounding teeth and gums from disease or decay. When you replace a severely damaged tooth, you are preventing that damage from affecting the teeth and gums. Failing to address this issue in a timely manner can lead to a more serious oral health issue.


At Hopper Dental, we believe it is important to provide our patients with options for their dental care. We will never suggest a tooth replacement procedure unless we truly believe it is both necessary and beneficial to your overall oral health.

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Dental Implants

At Hopper Dental, we believe that everyone should have a smile that they are confident in. Unfortunately, missing or damaged teeth can cause great insecurity and discomfort. A missing tooth can also leave the surrounding teeth more susceptible to infection and decay. For this reason, we find that many patients benefit from dental implants.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are a long-standing dental procedure designed to replace a missing tooth. We carefully place the dental implant in your jawbone. Over a few months, the dental implant will begin to fuse to your natural bone, creating a sturdy foundation for a replacement tooth.


Once the implant has had an opportunity to fuse to your jawbone, it will function in the same role as the roots of your teeth. As a prosthetic “tooth root”, the implant acts as the foundation for dental crowns or bridges.

What to Expect During Your Jenks Dental Implant Placement

Dental implants are a common dental procedure. However, many of our patients are uneasy as they approach their appointment. Here is an idea of what you can expect during your dental implant placement.


Consultation for Dental Implants

The first step towards replacing a damaged or missing tooth is to assess the health of the gums and jawbone. If the jawbone is unhealthy or unstable, we will have to pursue other treatment routes. During this appointment, our team will walk you through the implant placement process and answer any questions you may have.

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Jenks Implant Placement Appointment

The implant placement appointment is the most important part of the process. While most patients are apprehensive as they approach this visit, they often find that the process is much easier than they anticipated. 


During this appointment, our team will place your dental implant into your jawbone in the location where the natural tooth is missing. We work hard to ensure your comfort throughout the visit. Most patients can return to normal routines the following day.



Once the implant has been placed in your jaw, we wait for osseointegration. During this healing process, the dental implant will begin to fuse to your natural bone, creating a sturdy bond. It is important to make sure that the implant is properly healed before moving on to the next step in the process.


Osseointegration takes anywhere from a few weeks to a few months, depending on the patient.

Complete the Implant Process

The implant placement is almost complete! This is the most exciting step for each of our patients. As soon as osseointegration is complete, we can attach your crown, bridge, or dentures to the implant. Made especially for you, your new replacement tooth will mimic the color, shape, and function of the surrounding natural teeth.


Caring for Dental Implants After Placement

It is important to note that although your dental implants are artificial, they still require care! During your bi-annual exams and teeth cleanings, we will also check on the health and condition of your dental implants. 


The experts at Hopper Dental are passionate about providing each patient with a smile they are proud to show off! Contact our team today for more information on dental implant placement.

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Feel Confident in Your Smile Once Again!

It is important to realize that feeling confident in your smile affects so much more than the way you look in photos. When you are proud to show off your smile, that confidence will carry over into other areas of life. 


Whether for cosmetic or practical reasons, Hopper Dental is proud to provide you services that make it easy to achieve a smile you are proud of! Contact our team today to discuss our other tooth replacement services or to schedule your consultation.

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